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AVCOMM not only has excellent hardware, software and application engineers, but we also have art engineers who understand industrial applications. This is where they can express their creations. Design brings our products and applications to a more vivid display and interpretation.

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On-site edge firewall

Port bypass, wide operating temperature, IP 40 rating, and heavy industry ESD testing support all conditionally deployed edge firewalls for OT network security.

Machine learning whitelist

Apply ML methods to quickly build whitelist policies for OT network security protection.

Parsing industrial protocols

As the essence of protection control systems, edge firewalls understand the different languages between controllers and devices.

Managed industrial network

Easy local and remote monitoring and management through ANMS software and ATMS platform.

AI-based ATM management platform

Apply artificial intelligence technology to supervise the operation of networks and devices, quickly diagnose and predict faults

Mesh network enables seamless industrial wireless roaming

The mesh capabilities of industrial wireless routers enable end devices to switch access points smoothly and freely.

The 200 series is more compact and affordable

Avcomm introduces the 200 Series Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches for electrical OEM and economic applications.

The 5000 Series is built for industrial data and backbone networks

Up to 54*1G/10G ports, 598Gbps/5.98Tbps extended capacity, and 342Mpps packet forwarding rate for next-generation rugged urban networks.

Virtual Switch System (VSS) technology

Virtualize multiple physical devices into a single logical device to avoid business interruption caused by a single point of failure and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Industrial firewalls


Industrial firewalls offer a wide range of capabilities, from protecting industrial facilities and production lines from fire to providing cybersecurity protection. It can realize fire isolation, access control, audit records and other functions

Industrial network management system

Industrial network management system is efficient management tools designed for large, resilient wired/wireless networks. The system can manage a network of up to 2,000 nodes, providing real-time monitoring and control, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of the network.

Network Equipment Manager

Network discovery, visualization, configuration, and fault management are important components of modern network management.

Private IIoT cloud for device maintenance

IIoT cloud is a cloud platform specially designed for equipment maintenance, by connecting devices to the cloud platform, enterprises can obtain equipment operating status and data in real time, identify potential problems and predict equipment failures.

Multiple IIoT Solutions

Industrial IoT is a new type of technology and solution that applies IoT technology to the manufacturing sector. There are usually the following: 4.0 industrial solutions, intelligent environmental control solutions, intelligent bus tracking solutions, smart metering solutions, smart energy solutions, smart agriculture solutions.

ATMS Versatile display

ATMS can realize user management, configurable time range and refresh interval, easy to add graphical panels, analyze recorded data, alarm and other functions.