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    Industrial Modbus Serial to Lora Converter (Must work with AP110-LORA-LORA-MODBUS in pair)

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    AP110-LORA-MODBUS is the new private LoRa converter to replace traditional  serial cable with wireless Lora at the device end for kilometer  level wireless coverage. For the data transmission, AP110-LORA-MODBUS  supports Modbus Master-Slave mode with 1 master to 40  slaves polling within 1 minute. AP110-LORA-MODBUS is a convenient LoRa  end node converter to upgrade the Modbus communication in  factory automation applications.

    Product Features:
    Long Range Wireless Communication
    Kilometer level wireless communication
    Excellent penetration, even in basement
    Communication by broadcast, no need pairing
    Small architecture, no gateway & network server required
    TX power up to 20dBm, RX sensitivity down to -137dBm
    Max packet size 255 bytes for Modbus data
    Plug and Use, Minimized Configuration
    Transparent replacement of RS485 cabling
    1x RS232+ 1x RS485 for serial communication
    Easy frequency selection through DIP switch
    Easy devices grouping through broadcast domains
    Configuration utility for advance settings
    Support 5~24 DC input & USB 5V