Industrial Grade Networking for Commercial Airports 

The discovery of aviation significantly changed travel over the last century and is constantly improving. Airports need to keep up with the sophistication and modifications of air travel. Security, convenience, and new technologies will be included in the designs for modern airports.​

What can we do?

  1.  High security and protection is standard to have along the runway, which includes camera surveillance systems. That system integrates intrusion sensors, cameras, speakers, and lighting linkage in one security box, roughly every 1000 feet along the boundary of the airport. ​

  2.  Expanding camera surveillance systems outside the terminal, to the roadside in the airport will alleviate security checks and alert for abnormal activities.  ​

  3.  Working Wi-Fi covers not only the interior of the airport, but the runway, for working vehicles, transporting luggage, and smart devices for servicing in the airfield. 

  4.  Parking Lot rate system with plate recognition, automatically billed, and save costs for paper tickets. With electronic payment, get customer parking fees paid without exit lines. ​

  5.  Baggage systems in the terminal distribute the luggage from each arriving flight and place the bags on large rotating carousels, where passengers reclaim their belongings​.

  6. Air traffic control systems, gate berths, and airfield lighting systems will need industrial switches to provide reliable networks to promote the efficiency of airport operation. 

The AVCOMM Advantages:

  • Industrial Ethernet

    • 10k installation, 30 international level airports.​

    • PoE support max 30W/port, 240W/device​

    • ERPS supported, easy convergence industrial and enterprise networks for link redundancy and protection.​

    • Fully managed and Layer 3 functions, VLAN, QoS, VRRP, etc., meet bandwidth demand, ensuring the complex data network will run smoothly. ​

    • AVCOMM products are compatible with Cisco brand commercial switches.​

  • Industrial IoT

    • Reliability of certified industrial-grade equipment, 5 years warranty

    • Carriers fully supported in one model

    • Applied and tested in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia

    • We can support you in the field when you expand your business around the world

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