Oil & Gas Industrial Networking and Cyber Security Solutions​  

As Industry 4.0 is becoming more prevalent in business, the oil and gas industry is facing the challenge of balancing connectivity and security. Being connected is now becoming a demand of the market. Visibility, transparency, and predictive capabilities are imperative to making progress. AVCOMM can help your operation be open and safe with our industrial networking and cybersecurity solutions. ​

What are the problems?

Refineries DCS, PLC, SIS, SCADA, APC, MES systems’ application of industrial networking.

  • Refineries are producing many kinds of petroleum products, related to thousands of goods in our daily lives-- plastics, ethylene, petroleum, pitch, etc. Those production processes are complex in chemical reactions and dangerous in factory fields. 

  • To produce the petroleum products safely and efficiently, many kinds of industrial automation and control systems need to be put in place. Industrial networking is a key part of those systems. ​

  • Industrial networking includes device networking (unmanaged switches), system networking (fully managed switches with link redundant), inter-system networking (layer 3 switches, routing function)​

  • All networking switches needed are industrial grade, constant uptime required, harsh electrical, even extreme weather environment.​

  • Not only following the standard networking protocols, such as IGMP, RSTP, DHCP, but also needs to understand the industrial protocol to work smoothly with industrial automation and control manufacturers’ , like Rockwell (Ethernet/IP), Emerson(OPC), Schindler(Modbus/TCP) and SIEMENS(Profinet). ​

Refineries DCS, PLC, SIS, SCADA, APC, MES systems’ application of industrial cyber security.

  • Advanced refinery production systems are or will be connected by ethernet and wireless switches, for productivity upgrades and digital migration.​ 

  • Industrial automation and control systems are needed to send their data to MES for monitoring, coordinating with each other, and executing the order from MES.

  • The more connects the more cyber risks because the hacker has more entries to attack, and computer viruses can spread more easily over systems. ​

  • A typical internet firewall cannot meet all requirements that industrial control systems are asking for. Understanding industrial protocols,  centralized management, and using the whitelist is paramount for network safety.​

  • Products and solutions are following the IEC62443 standard, and ISA certified. More importantly, applied in many systems and projects in the past five years. ​

Pipeline and tank storage flowmeter monitoring and valve control / Well pump data logging and wireless transmission.

  • Pipeline and tank storage is the midstream of the industry. They are critical infrastructures of the whole industry, connecting wells or crude oil, refineries, and customers. Any part can not work efficiently without pipelines.​

  • Pipeline and tank storage operation needs flowmeters to rate, and valves to monitor and control the flow and pressure to keep it operating safely. ​

  • Both flowmeter and valve systems need to be industrial grade for installing outside, some in the desert, remotely accessible to save time and money to maintain, energy-efficient, and wireless to self-supplied in the field.​

  • Facing more cyberattacks than before, remote accesses and unattended operations, leave more entries to hackers, a prime example being the Colonial Pipeline.​

Our Solutions:

  • Industrial Ethernet​

    • 4010GX2

    • 8010GX2

    • 8028GX8​

  • Industrial Cyber Security​

    • Edge Firewall S2100

    • Edge Commander M600

    • Edge Defender V2.0

  • Industrial IoT​

    • AP222

    • EdgeIO-E4DI4DO

    • ATMS

Our Advantages:

  • Industrial Ethernet​

    • Leader of throughput in industrial ethernet, 28 fully gigabit ports, ready for taking care your current and future communication.​

    • ERPS supported, easy convergence industrial and enterprise networks for link redundancy and protection. ​

    • Committed specialized in design and manufacture industrial switches, like Range Rover in SUV. ​

  • Industrial Cyber Security​

    • 80 EdgeFirewalls installed in one new built 1000tons petroleum and 100tons ethylene refinery factory, some of integrated in Emerson DCS system. ​

    • Over 5 years application running and protecting in field​

    • Understanding industrial protocols with whitelist strategy, friendly for automation engineers. ​

    • Rugged design for industrial working environment.​

    • IEC 62443 followed; ISA tested.​

  • Industrial IoT​

    • Reliable working outside, 5 years warranty.​

    • Fully carriers supported in one model​ Applied and tested in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. ​

    • We can support in field when you explore your business around the world.

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