WWTP Control Panel

AVCOMM Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch deliver highly reliable performance and best-in-class service for Municipal Industry in Houston

Texas Industrial Control Manufacturing, LLC (TICM) is one of the leading industrial electrical control panels and system integrators with primary markets in Water/Wastewater industry and the Oil and Gas industry.

AVCOMM has collaborated with TICM for many projects in WWTP, which includes but not limited to:

Project: Sanitary Sewer Lift Station to serve Weston MUD East

  • Type: Sanitary Sewer Lift Station

  • Model: AVCOMM 408TX

  • City/Location: Weston Municipal Utility District

  • Scope of the Project: Construction of a 23.5' deep, 12' diameter wet well, with two 1500 gpm submersible pumps, including all electrical equipment driveway paving, etc

Ready for delivery

Project: Sanitary Sewer Lift Station to serve Weston MUD East

Inside the panel

Project: Sanitary Sewer Lift Station to serve Weston MUD East

Project: MVWA GAYLORD Water Plant Improvements

  • Type: Water Plant Improvements

  • Model: AVCOMM 408TX

  • City/Location: Memorial Villages, Harris County

  • Scope of the Project: Demolition and re-construction of two ground storage tanks, booster pump station, yard piping, improvements to existing MCC building, etc.

Project: HCMUD No. 109 Water Plant No. 2 Expansion

  • Type: Well Site Improvement

  • Model: AVCOMM 8022GX6

  • City/Location: Bunk Hill Village, Harris County

  • Scope of the Project: Construction of one 420,000-gallon bolted steel ground storage tank, operations/control building, booster pumps, electrical service, MCC, switch gear, together with required site preparation and grading, drainage, pavement, foundations, yard piping, fencing, controls, and all required appurtenances for a complete and operational water plant.

Project: Construction of Water Well No. 5 Site Improvements

  • Type: Water Plant

  • Model: AVCOMM 408TX

  • City/Location: Harris County MUD No.109

  • Scope of the Project: Construction of Well Site, which consists of a Motor Control Center (MCC) Building with Electrical equipment and Foundation, Well Header, Yard Piping and Appurtenances, Installation of storm sewers for on-site runoff and connection to existing storm sewer, Installation of Electrical Conduits, etc.

Front view of the panel

Project: Construction of Water Well No. 5 Site Improvements

Inside the panel

Project: Construction of Water Well No. 5 Site Improvements


Many businesses were shut down during the lockdowns experienced in 2020 COVID-19 epidemic and chip manufacturing was no exception. As the delivery time of raw material is uncertain, the price and the lead time of chip production were severely affected consequently, As one of the shareholders of Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, a global electronic components supplier, AVCOMM entitled good inventory and price of key Chipsets and components to guarantee our production of integration of Industrial automation control system.


AVCOMM choose the world's first-class power supplier manufacturer and factory to assure the equal quality as the mainstream manufacturers such as MeanWell and Siemens. Our aspiration is to eliminate the intermediate links, share our supply chain advantages to make our customers more profitable.

  • Compact and feature-rich 8-port and 16-port full-gigabit Ethernet 400/4000 series unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch for space saving and various scenarios. IP41 Ingress protection grade and wide operation temperature range of -40°C ~ +85°C deliver more reliable operation performance. Multiple power options with 5-year-guarantee, which 2 years beyond the industry to meet the high customer satisfaction/reduce operational costs with improved service assurance/make better quality assurance for our customers.

  •  Switching power supply with 3-year-guarantee based on excellent brand suppliers for Industrial Ethernet Switches and POE Switches. The specifications are as follows:

      Wide input voltage range: 85 ~ 264 VAC /120 ~ 370 VDC
      AC or DC input (dual-use of same terminal) available
      Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
      Industrial product technology design
      Over-voltage class III (Designed to meet EN61558-1 safety standards)
      Low standby power consumption, high efficiency
      Low ripple & noise
      Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection
      Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5s
      DIN rail TS35X7.5/ TS35X15 mountable


      "Our clients now fully satisfied with the lead time, and we can supply the systems very cost-effectively. We plan to adopt AVCOMM in future to deliver more solutions in large projects.” Taking advantage of the feature-rich switches and best-in-class service attributes of the AVCOMM integrated system, TICM now can easily meet deadlines, provide competitive pricing, and provide solutions that truly meet the needs of the customer.

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