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    8028GX28-L3-AC2, w/ 12 AVC-SFP-TX and 12 AVC-SFP-SX

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    AVCOMM 8028GX28-L3 is rack-mount type Ethernet switches, equipped with 4 x10G ports & 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports. With flexible combination of copper and  fiber port options, 8028GX28-L3 delivers high quality, wire-speed L3 routing  performance, advanced features such as powerful VLAN operation, Police-based  traffic manage & security, and intelligent management design, to fulfill different  application scenario. It provides the scalability, flexibility & reliability for large  network structure, and is also an ideal solution of L3 routing off-load for core  network.

    Up to 24x100/1000BaseSFP slots plus 4x10G SFP+ slots.
    9K Jumbo frames
    L3 wire-speed switching
    Advanced  QoS
    Network redundant LACP, Spanning tree STP, RSTP & MSTP, and quick Ring fail -over  protection (< 20 ms)
    Support Single & multiple rings
    Advanced VLAN operations: IEEE 802.1ad/QinQ VLAN, VLAN tag add/remove/replace
    L3 switch
    Private VLAN, port-based /tag-based/protocol-based VLAN
    Multicasting support IGMP v1/v2/v3, proxy & snooping
    Security: IEEE 802.1x authentication, RADIUS & TACACS+ AAA (pending)
    IEC 61850
    IEEE 1613
    Policy-based traffic control engine for actions of Deny, Allow, Queue mapping, rate limit,  mirror, or CoS remark on any combination of specific Layer -2 /Layer- 3 / Layer-4 patterns
    Multiple  Fiber  ports
    QoS (SPQ,WRR, SPQ+ WRR): Hierarchical per-port, per queue shaping & scheduling with  bandwidth management
    IEC 61850-3 / IEEE 1613 compliant