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    "LoRa WAN End-Node, 4CH AI, 1 Modbus RTU 485 Host, 1 x RS485 Host, 2-wire, 1 x SMA /LoRa Antenna Connector (with LoRa antennas)
    EU868: 863-870MHz (Must work with AP222-WLAN-LORA)"

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    The AP140-LR utilizes the latest Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology to build Modbus/RTU communication for long-distance, wide-coverage, and low power consumption wireless IoT applications. Multiple analog inputs are supported in AP140-LR, such as voltage, current and one RS-485 port for Modbus RTU Device connection. One AP140-LR can read more than 20 register entries from different field RTU devices in predefined time scheduling. The LoRaWAN wireless distance can reach up to 3-6KM distance depending on the environment. The AP140-LR offers great flexibilities in wireless IoT applications, such as environment sensors and meters reading for Smart City Applications such as Smart Farming, Smart Environment Monitor, etc.

    Modbus/RTU to LoRaWAN
    Transmit RTU Data to LoRaWan Gateway
    Flexible RTU Device Address Settings
    Configurable Read Start Addresses
    Maximum 20 Entries for Time Schedule Report
    Secured Radio Communication
    AES 128 Data Encryption
    Configurable Encryption Key – Modbus Register , WoMaster End-Node Utility
    Windows© Configure Tools
    User-Friendly, Model Auto Detection
    Analog IO Parameter Read
    RTU Device Reading Parameter Setting
    Micro-USB Interface
    Analog 4~20mA Input to LoRaWAN
    2 Channels Current Sensing, 0.3%High Accuracy
    Analog 0~10V Input to LoRaWan
    2 Channels 0~10V High Impedance Input- Luminance Sensing or others
    Industrial Application
    10~30V DC wide power range input
    Low Power Consumption
    Wide Coverage up to 6KM (Max)
    -40 ~ 75°C / 90%H Operating Temperature / Humidity
    Compliance IEC 61000-6-2/-6-4 Heavy Industrial EMC