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    LoRa Master /Modbus RTU Client Agent, Group IO Mapping, Logic Rule, 410~493 Mhz by software configuration (Must work with AP144-LC) (with LoRa antennas)

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    The AP200-LM/AP144-LC utilizes the latest Low Power Wide  Area (LPWA) technology to build Modbus/RTU communication for long-distance, wide-coverage, and low power consumption wireless IoT applications. Multiple analog inputs and outputs are supported in AP144-LC, such as voltage inputs and outputs, current inputs and outputs, PWM output and one RS-485 port for Modbus RTU slave. One AP200-LM can connect up to 250pcs AP144-LC LoRa end nodes for two-way communications where field site analog signals are sent from AP144-LC and  mirrors to another  AP144-LC by AP200-LM. The LoRa wireless distance can reach up to 3-6KM distance depending on the environment. The AP200-LM/AP144-LC offers great flexibility in wireless IoT applications, such as LED light control without  cable , Analog signal reproduced at  remote site  to replace traditional wiring.

    Product Features:

    Analog I/O  Extension & Tracking by LoRa


    ・Transparent /Reproduce Analog Signal  by LoRa

    ・AP200-LM Polling  Source AP144-LC  specific  Channel and Output to Target AP144-LC specific Channel

    ・Create /Edit  Tracking Rule by Utility Tool

    ・Achieve 2-Sites Analog Tracking

    V / V, V / A, A / A Auto I/O Tracking

    (AP144-LC + AP200-LM)

    ・V / V Tracking – Local Input Voltage , Remote  Output Voltage

    ・V / A Tracking – Local Input Voltage, Remote Output Current in V/A Ratio

    ・A / A  Tracking – Local Input Current, Remote  Output Current

    ・A / V Tracking – Local Input Current , Remote  Output Voltage in A/V Ratio

    ・20  I/O Rule Entries (Maximum)

    Secured & Reliable Radio Communication

    ・ECHO & Re-Send Mechanism

    ・AES 128 Data Encryption

    Windows© Configure Tools

    ・User-Friendly, Model Auto Detection

    ・Analog IO Parameter Read and Write

    ・On-Line Monitoring, Log File Download

    ・Micro-USB Interface

    4~20mA Input / Output (AP144-LC)

    ・2 Channels Current Sensing, 0.3%High Accuracy

    ・1 Channel Current Output, 0.3% High Accuracy

    Event Log & Utility Monitoring (AP200-LM)

    ・1K Event Log Entries – Polling Fail, Remote Control Fail

    ・On-Line Monitoring by Utility

    Industrial Application

    ・10~30V DC wide power range input

    ・Low Power Consumption

    ・Wide Coverage up to 6KM

    ・Max.250 AP144-LC Nodes to one AP100-LM

    ・-40 ~ 75°C / 90%H  Operating Temperature / Humidity

    ・Compliance IEC 61000-6-2/-6-4 Heavy Industrial EMC