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    Smart SPD Remote Signaling Module, 20 kA~200kA, RS485,9~12VDC,-40 ℃~85 ℃,IP30

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    The ASPD-S2 smart SPD remote signaling module is an advanced monitoring device developed and produced by AVCOMM. It consists of smart SPD remote signaling module and monitoring server software. The device is capable of real-time and accurate monitoring of SPD alarm action, alarm time, lightning strike count, lightning strike amplitude, and SPD lifespan. The device transmits the monitored data information to the server via RS485.

    Product Features:
    The equipment is capable of monitoring and collecting alarm signals from the SPD.
    The equipment can monitor the amplitude, polarity, and occurrence time of lightning currents.
    The equipment is equipped with a digital display that provides real-time information, including the latest lightning strike counts and degradation alarm signals.
    The equipment has a lifespan warning function, indicated by the LIFE indicator light.
    The equipment transmits collected data through the RS485 to the computer or server.
    The software can display lightning strike counts, lightning strike amplitude, lightning strike polarity, and the occurrence time.
    The software provides real-time displays of SPD alarm signals and their occurrence times.
    The software allows for querying device information and the operational status of all devices.
    The software enables remote configuration of all devices.