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    Outdoor Soil EC and Moisture Sensor, EC:0-20000us/cm, Moisture: 0~100%RH, RS485 Modbus, 4.5-30V Power

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    Soil electrical conductivity (EC) sensor measures of the amount of salts in soil (salinity of soil). It is an important indicator of soil health. Soils containing  excess salts occur naturally in arid and semiarid climates. The salinity of the  soil, irrigation water or fertilizer solution is an important parameter affecting the  root zone. Any of these factors can have a significant effect on plant growth  and quality. The presence of high salt levels indicate adjustments are required.  Low-salt levels could also lead to nutrient deficiencies. The SEC sensors gives  you real time data by the connectivity of gateway and cloud platform.

    •  Optional IoT Router and Cloud Platform - ATMS

    Support Modbus to connect optional gateway AP222 for one or many sensors

    Real-time online monitoring, analysis, reporting

    Remote cloud security and visual management