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    Outdoor soil moisture and soil temperature, -40~60°C, 0~100%RH, 70mm probe, RS485 Modbus, 4.5-30V power supply

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    Soil temperature affects plant growth indirectly by affecting water and nutrient uptake as well as root growth. At a constant moisture content, a decrease in temperature results a decrease in water and nutrient uptake. At low temperatures, transport from the root to the shoot and vice versa is reduced. Therefore, a real-time data of soil temperature and moisture is vital for soil management. AVC-ES101SM sends measured data through Modbus RS485 output to IoT gateway, and IoT gateway collects all sensor data to the cloud platform for real-time information.

    • Optional IoT Router and Cloud Platform - ATMS
    Support Modbus to connect optional gateway AP222 for  one or many sensors
    Real-time online monitoring, analysis, reporting
    Remote cloud security and visual management