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    Outdoor Integrated Sensors- PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, RS485 Modbus

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    AVC-ES106 is an intergraded device and designed for all types of environmental monitoring. It can be used to detect multiple parameters of temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed and wind direction in the environment. Each parameter is independent and high sensitivity, users can freely integrate monitoring parameters. AVC-ES106 has the characteristics of high precision and good stability, which is suitable for various environmental monitoring. The AVC-ES106 is equipped with a standard RS485 interface and supports the Modbus RTU protocol, which can be integrated into the Internet of Things and cloud interfaces, such as smart city boxes and gateway AP222 or LoRa node AP144-LC, for real-time monitoring and analysis via remote smartphones or computers.

    Product Features:
    •  High Integrated Monitoring
    Intergraded multiple sensors
    Central management by sharing a signal output
    Support Industrial Modbus RTU protocol, RS485
    •  Outdoor Protective Enclosure
    Prevent direct ultraviolet radiation to the sensors
    Avoid rapid aging of sensors under harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds, rain, and  snow
    The sensor parts are ventilated for truly sensing the changes in external detection parameters
    •  Flexible Design
    Customized Shutter Height
    Single or multiple parameters both can use small shutter, small size, light weight and easy  to install
    Customized Monitoring parameters
    Each parameter is independent and high sensitivity, users can freely integrate monitoring  parameters
    •  Work with IoT Cloud Platform – ATMS
    Real-time online monitoring, analysis, reporting
    Remote cloud security and visual management