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    DC Bus Rating- 24~29 VDC / 40A Max
    Output- 21~29 VDC / 40A Max

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    The AVC-UPS-DC-40 is a 40A DlN-Rail type DC-UPS module, and it is paired with a  power supply and an  external battery to achieve the backup function. When the AC mains fails or is interrupted, the load will be immediately connected to the battery pack to avoid interruption and to ensure the continuous  operation of the entire system (the operating time depends on the capacity of the battery pack).

    The main features of AVC-UPS-DC-40 include: fast installation, suitability for 24V battery packs and various capacities of 4AH~135AH, 2A battery charging current, low voltage disconnect for battery protection  and more. The product is suitable for use in data centers, security systems, emergency lighting  wireless communication UPS, central monitoring systems, etc.

    Product Features:
    Uninterruptible DC-UPS controller
    Parallel connection to DC BUS (Power supply + DC-UPS Module + Batteries + Load)
    Suitable for 24V system, up to 40A
    2A Battery charging current
    Allows 4AH~135AH lead-acid various battery capacities
    Complete diagnostic and monitoring for DC BUS OK, battery discharge, battery fail
    LED indicator for signal status
    Protections: Battery reverse polarity protection & Short circuit (By internal detection)/ Battery discharge / Over discharge current
    Cooling by free air convection
    3 years warranty
    Suitable for industrial control system, semiconductor fabrication equipment, factory automation and electro-mechanical apparatus