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    Throughput: 600Mbps, Maximum Concurrent Connections: 500,000; 4GE, 2 x Bypass, 1 x RJ45 serial, 2 x USB; DIN-rail, fanless, 12~36VDC dual power supply.

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    The AVCOMM industrial ethernet firewall S2104 is a dedicated firewall device for industrial network perimeter protection with proprietary intellectual property rights, which is independently developed by AVCOMM. The device can effectively protect the information security of industrial control systems and equipment such as SCADA, DCS, PCS, PLC, and RTU. In addition to the security function of traditional firewalls, it also provides the built-in function of industrial communication protocol analysis and filtering and can adopt deep packet inspection technology and application layer communication tracking technology for industrial protocols to prevent illegal commands and block non-industrial control protocols in order to protect the controller.

    Product Features:

    B/S management structure, HTTPS encrypted communication to protect management actions from eavesdropping.
    Account + password, certificate or Ukey dual-factor authentication.

    Operating Mode
    Support intelligent learning mode. The system can intelligently learn the traffic in the communication and automatically generate the corresponding protection rules.
    Support warning mode. In warning mode, communication that does not comply with the security policy is alerted.
    Support strict protection mode, and business is protected according to the system's set policy. It blocks data that does not comply with the security policy and logs it.
    Support bypass mirror mode, no need to change network configuration, realize mirror traffic self-learning, and automatically generate corresponding protection rules.

    Monitoring Center 
    Support shortcut buttons, which can quickly realize view menu and message, refreshing, full screen, display of administrator's personal information, administrator's password modification, administrator's logout, and other functions.
    Support button style switching; support hiding and displaying of footer.
    Monitoring Center, Log Audit, Network Configuration, Routing Management, Industrial Control Protection, Protection Settings, Object Management, Virtual Private Network, Report Statistics, Diagnostic Tools, System Management.
    Display device alias, device type, device serial number, system version, system memory, disk capacity, running time, and authorization status.
    Evaluate and score the current network status using intelligent algorithms.
    Classify and display the current protection logs, supporting pie chart display .
    Display the current CPU, memory, and disk usage.
    Display the top 10 attack sources in the past 1/3/7 days, supporting bar chart display.
    Classify and display the log levels in the past 1/3/7 days, supporting pie chart display .
    Display the policy type and number of policy entries.
    Real-time monitoring of system network card traffic, temporarily displaying the network card name, receive speed, send speed, receive packet count, send packet count, receive byte count, and send byte count.