Uninterruptible DC UPS Provide Intelligent Online Monitoring for Airport


How will the DC UPS provide backup power and monitoring for outdoor low-voltage devices?

In many outdoor monitoring applications, when the on-site equipment fails to respond to demand, we cannot determine whether it is a network failure or a power failure. When the outdoor low-voltage box is powered off, all the devices in the box cannot continue to work, including the industrial switch, which greatly complicates our ability to determine the cause of the failure. In such cases, we need engineer to check and determine the cause of the on-site equipment box failure . Most of the failures are caused by the AC power outage.

How to have a simple and low-cost solution that  can provide power for the equipment box to continue to operate for a period and report fault information when the AC power is off? At the same time, the power supply of the equipment box and the operation of the power supply can be feedback to the user in time through the industrial switch, improving the overall operational efficiency of the outdoor system. 

AVCOMM Industrial switches are used in dozens of airport security perimeter systems, and we deeply understand the importance of power stability for the operation of outdoor monitoring equipment. To this end, we have launched a cost-effective and high-reliability DC UPS solution to provide the backup power solution for customers with AC power.

The DC UPS has product advantages that traditional power supplies do not have. It not only provides backup power, but also achieves remote monitoring, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the outdoor system.

Backup Power: 

The DC UPS can provide reliable backup power for outdoor low-voltage equipment. In airports, outdoor low-voltage equipment such as sensors, cameras, and transmission devices require stable power supply to maintain normal operational monitoring and data transmission. The DC UPS can provide a stable DC power and seamlessly switch to the backup power when the AC power supply fails, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and improving the reliability and safety of airport operations.

Remote Monitoring: 

The DC UPS can remotely monitor and diagnose the power status and operation status of outdoor low-voltage equipment. Airport managers can obtain real-time information on the power operation status and fault information of the equipment, allowing for timely detection and deal with power issues. This helps improve management efficiency, reduce equipment failure rates, and ensure normal airport operations.

Low Cost and High Return: 

The DC UPS is a low-cost and high-value power supply that helps reduce operating costs. AVCOMM's DC UPS offers affordable pricing and provides stable power supply over long-term operation, which reduces equipment failure rates, lowers the costs of maintenance and equipment replacement. Additionally, remote monitoring can reduce the frequency of manual inspections and monitoring, further decreasing operating costs.


DC UPS, Backup for AC: 

DC UPS can provide backup power for equipment in time when AC power fails. After the power failure of on-site electrical equipment, the equipment will not work.  Using DC UPS as a backup power input can ensure that the electrical equipment continues to operate for a period after losing AC power and reports fault information.

Battery, Customizable Endurance: 

In the figure above, we can connect the AC-to-DC power supply and DC UPS power supply to the electrical equipment. At the same time, the DC UPS is connected to 4AH-135AH lead-acid battery.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring: 

Through this connection, it can be achieved that when the AC power (P1) is powered off, the DC UPS (P2) can immediately provide continuous power supply to the on-site electrical equipment without being affected by the AC power, and the information of P1 power-off and on-site electrical equipment connecting to P2 can be transmitted to the cloud platform ATMS. In this way, engineers can clearly understand the operation status of the power supply and electrical equipment, eliminating the need to constantly check whether the power supply or switch is faulty.


24V/40A Uninterruptible DC UPS Module


The AVC-UPS-DC-40 is a 40A DlN-Rail type DC-UPS module, and it is paired with a  power supply and an  external battery to achieve the backup function. When the AC mains fails or is interrupted, the load will be immediately connected to the battery pack to avoid interruption and to ensure the continuous  operation of the entire system (the operating time depends on the capacity of the battery pack).
The main features of AVC-UPS-DC-40 include fast installation, suitability for 24V battery packs and various capacities of 4AH~135AH, 2A battery charging current, low voltage disconnect for battery protection  and more. The product is suitable for use in data centers, security systems, emergency lighting  wireless communication UPS, central monitoring systems, etc.

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