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    POE Protection, Nominal Operating Voltage(UN): 48VDC, Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (UC): 60VDC, 1000Mbps, 1*RJ45, -40°C to +85°C, IP20

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    The ASPD-M24R-48 signal surge protector is connected to the protected equipment and is primarily used for the protection of internal Gigabit Ethernet interface circuits. It also features POE protection, effectively enhancing the Ethernet network's resistance to surges and lightning impulses. Both input and output ports are equipped with RJ45 sockets, and they are connected to the protected device using Category 5 shielded twisted-pair cables terminated with RJ45 plugs. When the transmission line experiences overvoltage due to lightning induction, the lightning current is safely discharged to the ground through the surge protector's lightning path, thereby ensuring the safety of the device.